Myth and Magic

For the performances between 2 and 15 December 2012 EUBO was joined by Paul Agnew (co-director of Les Arts Florissants) and a team of brilliant young singers from Le Jardin des Voixprogramme to present two dramatic baroque masterpieces in concert version.

Director Paul Agnew
Soprano Rachel Redmond

Soprano Élodie Fonnard

Tenor Reinoud Van Mechelen

Bass-baritone Yannis François

Concertmaster Huw Daniel

JPh RAMEAU (1683-1764)

Pigmalion (complete)

Ouverture – Scène 1 (Pigmalion) – Scène 2 (Pigmalion, Céphise) – Scène 3 (Pigmalion, la Statue) – Scène 4 (L’Amour, Pigmalion, la Statue) – Scène 5 (Pigmalion, la Statue, Choeur de la suite de l’Amour, Choeur du Peuple)

H PURCELL (1659-1695)

The Fairy Queen (abridged for EUBO by Dr Simon Heighes)

First Music: Prelude & Hornpipe

Masque of the Enchantments: Titania’s Sleep

Night (S) See, even night herself

Mystery (S) I come to lock all fast

Secrecy (T) One charming night

Sleep (B) Hush, no more

A Dance for the Followers of Night


Coridon & Mopsa (T & B)

Dance for the Haymakers

Third Act Tune – Hornpipe

Attendant (S) Now the night is chased away

Masque of the Seasons: Oberon’s Birthday

Spring (S) Thus the ever grateful Spring

Summer (T) Here’s the Summer, sprightly, Gay

Autumn (S) See my many coloured fields

Winter (B) Next, Winter comes slowly


Anti-Masque Trio & Chorus

Drunken Poet/Fairies 1 & 2 (B, S, S) Fill up the bowl

Third Act Tune – Hornpipe (reprise)