Echter’Barock 2014

Winter Concerts

Saitenzauber – Family Concert

EUBO and acclaimed violinist Rachel Podger will perform a selection of music from the most famous by JS Bach and Antonio Vivaldi. An animateur will provide an introduction to the music in Luxembourgish and German.

Performance in Trifolion Echternach 23 November 2014 at 15:00

La Création du Monde

The concert starts with the most shocking moment in the entire baroque repertoire: Rebel’s representation of chaos, which opens his suite Les Elémens. The darkness before creation is depicted by sounding all the notes of the scale simultaneously, in absolute discord: the individual elements earth, wind, water and fire have not yet emerged and there is utter chaos. As the suite continues, gradually order and structure are imposed on the world. European Union Baroque Orchestra’s programme with Director Lars Ulrik Mortensen continues to paint “La Creation du Monde” with more elemental baroque music of astonishing force and intensity, including a suite from Rameau’s operas Zaïs, Les Boréades and Platée.

Performance in Trifolion Echternach 5 December 2014 at 20:00

Summer Concerts

Concert for Peace

2014 is the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I and EUBO commemorated this with a Concert for Peace as part of its “Echter’Barock” series. With the Choir of Clare College, Cambridge, and under the direction of Lars Ulrik Mortensen, the young musicians performed glorious choral works by G. F. Handel, written to celebrate peace and to demonstrate the European ideal that we are stronger working together.

Performance in the Basilique of Echternach 29 June at 20:30 hrs

Radio broadcast featuring a recording of the performance

available until 23 October 2014, listen online

Concertatio in Silva

EUBO started a new collaboration with Figurentheater Favoletta by performing together a play in three acts “Concertatio in Silva – Der Streit im Walde”. EUBO performed Vivaldi’s famous Four Seasons in the exciting new production on stage with the puppet theatre promoting themes of resolution and harmony.

Performances in Trifolion Echternach 22 & 24 June 2014

Echter’Barock 2014 Colouring Competition

The Four Seasons

A colouring competition was organised to school children in Echternach and in the neighbouring area ‘Grande Région’. The children were offered the possibility to paint as a group a large presentation of the four seasons. The winning painting was selected and announced at the puppet show performance on 24 June 2014. The painting was made by the class 7 St-1 of the Lycée Classique Echternach (teachers: Marilyne Abens and Christiane Urwald) and it is now on display in Atrium in Trifolion Echternach. We hope that the winners enjoy their surprise prize: sweets and baroque music recordings!

A warm thank you to everybody who participated in the colouring competition.