Echter’Barock 2012

Concert dates 2012

As part of EUBO’s 35 concerts throughout the EU, the “Echter’Barock” series of concerts will take place in Echternach on the following dates:

Thursday 19 July, 8.00 pm

Danse des Zéphirs

Église SS Pierre-et-Paul, Echternach

Sunday 16 September, 7.00 pm

Baroque Splash!

Haus Beda in Bitburg, Germany

Wednesday 17 October, 8.00 pm

Corelli’s Legacy

Trifolion, Echternach

Friday 14 December, 8.00 pm

Myth and Magic

Trifolion, Echternach

In June 2012 EUBO organised a competition in the ‘Grande Région’ for music students aged from 6 to 12 years, in collaboration with the École de Musique Echternach, to help to design a poster for the Orchestra by colouring the Echter’Barock logo with imaginative combinations of colours. The overall winner was Alissa Franz (12) who wins a cash prize and tickets to EUBO’s concerts. Over 50 entries were received with the winners in each age group winning tickets.