Series of Concerts in Echternach, Luxembourg

EUBO’s residency and the Echter’Barock series of concerts are made possible by grants from the Ville d’Echternach and the Ministry of Culture in Luxembourg, in partnership with the cultural centre TRIFOLION and Festival International Echternach, and in association with the École de Musique Echternach.


Forthcoming performances

12 May 2017 Concertatio in Silva – puppet show, Figurentheater Favoletta & musicians of EUBO



Past Performances


3 December 2016 Himmelssüßigkeit – Bach’s Cantatas, Alfredo Bernardini, director & oboe

9 October 2016 Birth of the Orchestra, Margaret Faultless, director & violin

10 July 2016 Handel & Friends, Lars Ulrik Mortensen, director & harpsichord

11 May 2016 Creative Europe 18th Century Style, Rachel Podger, director & violin

31 January 2016 Family Baroque – Das Chaos und die Elemente (moderated for younger audience)


24 January 2015 Handel and his London Colleagues with Lars Ulrik Mortensen, dir. & hrpcd

20 September 2015 Masters of Baroque inspired by Italy with Lars Ulrik Mortensen, dir. & hrpcd

14 November 2015 The Taste of the Baroque with Lars Ulrik Mortensen, dir. & hrpcd


23 November 2014 Saitenzauber with Rachel Podger, director & violin

5 December 2014 La Création du Monde with Lars Ulrik Mortensen, dir. & hrpcd