1685 Campaign

Play your own part in EUBO’s future!

wordcloud18n-button-frame-GBP-750x9001685 was a seminal year in the history of music and marked the birth of three
creative giants:

  • George Frideric Handel
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Domenico Scarlatti

wordcloud18n-button-frame-EUR-750x900To commemorate the year of their births and the immeasurable influence they have had on the shared cultural heritage of humanity – not just within Europe but across the globe – we created the #EUBO1685 campaign so EUBO can carry on their legacy.


Your support will change lives

For over 30 years, EUBO has provided talented European musicians with the opportunity, to gain performance experience and to bridge the gap between study and professional life. Since 2015, EUBO has been the lead partner in the pan-European EUBO Mobile Baroque Academy (EMBA), with co-funding from the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. The project seeks to correct the unequal provision of baroque music education and performance across the EU in new and creative ways. EUBO also works to promote the European spirit of freedom, peaceful co-operation, creativity and openness in Europe and for Europe. To do this, we are required to find matching funding to the value of £430,000 per year until the end of 2018. This is sought from different sources, such as trusts, foundations, corporate sponsorship and individual donations.

Have a look at the different giving options below to see what a difference your support will make. You can choose to donate any variation of 1685, from 16.85 to 168,500 – or higher! – all in either GBP or EUR, as a one-off donation or several payments.

DSCF7881n-550x340£ 16.85   + Gift Aid**  would pay for:

  • printing of audition course brochures
  • 5 Boosey & Hawkes library music bags
  • one new black concert shirt for male musician
  • tea, coffee and chocolate hobnobs for Lars Ulrik Mortensen for a tour

score-parts-550£ 168.50  + Gift Aid  would contribute to:

  • accommodation and meals for one participant in the residential course
  • hire of harpsichord for one concert
  • score and parts for a new piece of repertoire
  • maintain and insure EUBO violin and viola that musicians without their own period instrument can borrow

IMG_1323n-550x340£ 1,685.00  + Gift Aid  will:

  • cover the cost of one orchestral placement for an EUBO alumni to work with a professional European orchestra
  • contribute to the fee for a professional tutor for a residential course
  • fund 3 days of community outreach programmes
  • pay for double bass porterage for a whole year

Musician-550x340£ 16,850.00  + Gift Aid  you can:

  • sponsor one young European musician for one year –  accommodation, per diems, travel
  • fund the recording and production of 2 CDs – one per year, giving the musicians an opportunity to experience the process of recording and also providing a record of their participation with EUBO
  • subsidise the rental, transport and tuning of organ for Bach Cantatas
  • contribute to the purchase of a new instrument vehicle

IMG_3608-550x340£  168,500.00  + Gift Aid  will:

  • underwrite the concert schedule of EUBO for one year
  • fund the annual orchestral selection courses in Luxembourg
  • support the EMBA foundation course in Romania for young musicians studying ‘modern’ instruments and EMBA international summer school
  • most usefully – keep the orchestra on the road for 12 months by covering  the general running costs

** Gift Aid adds 25% to your donation if you are a UK tax payer and sign a declaration.

Please make cheques payable to European Union Baroque Orchestra.