Why does EUBO need support?

The European Union Baroque Orchestra (EUBO) is the lead partner in a pan-European project EUBO Mobile Baroque Academy (EMBA), involving nine EU partners, which is contracted until the end of 2018. The orchestra is registered and administered in the UK, but is wholly European in character.

EUBO receives an EU Project Grant to deliver its part of the EMBA project, whose total budget over 4 years is €4.4million, of which €2million (45%) will be funded through the Creative Europe programme, subject to obtaining matching funding to the value of €500,000 a year by the end of 2018. €1.4million will be generated through concert performances and related activities and the balance will be sought from other sources such as trusts, foundations, corporate sponsorship and individual donations. EUBO has a 30 year track-record in providing opportunities for young European musicians. The Orchestra works to promote the European spirit of freedom, peaceful co-operation, creativity and openness in Europe and for Europe.

Keep EUBO on the road

Would you like to support the work of the orchestra?  Please see our 1685 Campaign to find out what a difference your contribution could make or simply donate now.