Pavia (IT)

Collegio Ghislieri in Pavia (Italy), a centuries-old academic institution, today has a lively musical life. In line with its global mission, Ghislierimusica continues the residency partnership with the European Union Baroque Orchestra, which it recognises as one of the most important European vocational training initiatives in the field of early music.

Ghislierimusica is also the leading partner of the Circuito Lombardo di Musica Antica, a network of excellence connecting the cities of Pavia, Brescia and Mantua, and the Villa Reale in Monza.

Therefore EUBO is proud to be associated with Ghislierimusica; to work within its ambit; to appear in the series Pavia Barocca; and to perform in the networked cities of the Lombardia region.

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Italian violinist Stefano Montanari directed EUBO in November 2013. The Corelli, Charisma & Concerti tour featured Italian string repertoire by Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Razetti, Corelli & Montanari (not Stefano – but Antonio 1676-1737).

Performances in Pavia, Brescia and Milan 9, 10 and 11 November 2013 respectively.

Pavia open rehearsal 2013

Open rehearsal with Stefano Montanari for local schools in the Aula Magna of Collegio Ghislieri in November 2013.

In 2012, EUBO rehearsed the programme ‘Myth & Magic’ in Pavia, under the direction of Paul Agnew, and with singers Elodie Fonnard and Rachel Redmond (sopranos), Reinoud Van Mechelen (tenor) and Yannis François (bass-baritone).

28 November to 1 December rehearsals in Pavia

2 December performance in Brescia

3 December performance in Vigevano

4 December performance in Pavia

Concert programme

JPh RAMEAU Pigmalion [complete]


H PURCELL The Fairy Queen [abridged]