St John’s Smith Square

17th October 2013

The European Union Baroque Orchestra gave the third concert in its four-concert series at St John’s Smith Square, London, with director Gottfried von der Goltz (Freiburg Baroque Orchestra) onThursday 17 October 2013 at 7.30pm. Maestro von der Goltz directed an inspiring programme, based around superstar violinist Johann Georg Pisendel and his remarkable circle of friends […]

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TRIFOLION Echternach

15th October 2013

Di, 15. Oktober 2013, 20 Uhr, TRIFOLION Echternach Das Auftaktkonzert der „Echter’Barock“-Saison steht ganz im Zeichen einer Stadt: Dresden war vor allem im 18. Jahrhundert ein prächtiges Zentrum europäischer Politik, Kultur und Wirtschaft. Kein Wunder, dass auch die Barockmusik hier eine Blütezeit erlebte. Davon zeugen die fantastischen Barockwerke, die an diesem Konzertabend im TRIFOLION zur […]

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EUBO’s Cultural Ambassador Showcase performance

14th October 2013

EUBO’s Cultural Ambassador Showcase performance directed by Gottfried von der Goltz took place in Brussels on Monday 14 October 2013. James Elles MEP, one of the founding fathers of EUBO, introduced the evening’s host, Mrs Doris Pack MEP, Chair of the European Parliament Culture Committee, and European Commission President José Manuel Barroso as guest of […]

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Istanbul, Turkey

12th October 2013

Istanbul, Turkey “Stepping out of the airport in Istanbul, I was made immediately aware of our foreignness. Swarming with people, the buzzing sound of turkish, taxis whooshing by, and the aircraft overhead was only drowned out by the sound of the call to prayer from the closest minaret.” Andrew Burn

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EUBO Rehearse The Dresden Network

9th October 2013

EUBO came together last Thursday to rehearse our fourth program, The Dresden Network. Five days and six nights of rehearsing with our guest conductor Gottfried von der Goltz at Kloster Michaelstein, near Blankenburg, and we’re on fire. Andrew Burn

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EUBO ‘Kickstarter’ Kampagne

2nd August 2013

Vielen Dank für alle ‘backers’! Am 3. September 2013 findet das Konzert vom EUBO und dem Choir of Clare College, Cambridge, im St. John’s Smith Square in London statt. Um eine live CD-Aufnahme von diesem wunderbaren Konzert finanzieren zu können, läufte unsere ‘Kickstarter’ Kampagne bis Sonntag 11. August 2013. “Handel in London – A Royal […]

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EUBO on tour with Choir of Clare College, Cambridge

MAfestival in Brugge, Belgium – EUBO on tour with Choir of Clare College, Cambridge Lars Ulrik Mortensen, director Zefira Valova, concertmaster “Early in our first rehearsal with the choir this morning we worked on The King Shall Rejoice, the third of Handel’s 1727 coronation anthems. In the beginning of the fugal movement, the orchestra plays […]

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Zadar, Croatia

30th July 2013

“Many of the marine artefacts are stored in the city art gallery where Yotam and I spent this morning reading selections from Vivaldi’s Opus 2. After being granted permission to play in the gallery from the state yesterday evening, we spent the night looking for some location-appropriate material. Being a former holding of the Venetians, […]

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Travel to Andorra

26th July 2013

The route through the Pyrenees is one surrounded by hills below tree line, and it is only occasionally that we get a glimpse of the great rocky peaks carving out the horizon. Andrew Burn

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25th July 2013

“As we passed Cadaqués in our Luxair Bombardier Q400 (a Canadian aircraft!), Roldán exclaimed that Cadaqués was the birthplace of the Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. Roldán might be wrong, he says, but he’s 100% sure I spelled Dalí’s name correctly. From Barcelona we took a rather long bus ride to Puigcerdà but we were happy […]

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