Baroque Bytes

Bach’s Gavotte

9th March 2017

Listen to EUBO and Alfredo Bernardini (director & oboe) play JS Bach’s Gavotte from the Orchestral Suite No 4 in D, BWV 1069a

The original version of Bach’s fourth Suite, of which the autograph is lost, is scored for three oboes, bassoon and strings, whereas a later version employs trumpets and timpani to whom Bach did not assign obbligato roles. Bach is demanding in his instrumental writing and in the eight-part Gavotte of the fourth Suite many things happen at the same time, both horizontally and vertically, and the more one listens the more one discovers details that hitherto might have gone unnoticed – especially in the more frequently performed later version with trumpets and timpani.

You can follow the bassoon part while you listen to the piece: