Why does EUBO need support?

The European Union Baroque Orchestra (EUBO) is the lead partner in a pan-European project EUBO Mobile Baroque Academy (EMBA), involving nine EU partners, which is contracted until the end of 2018. The orchestra is registered & administered in the UK, but is wholly European in character.  EMBA receives co-funding from the European Union’s Creative Europe programme so EUBO will continue to provide opportunities for young European musicians. EUBO works to promote the European spirit of freedom, peaceful co-operation, creativity and openness in Europe and for Europe.  In order to do this we are required to find matching funding to the value of £250,000 a year.

Keep EUBO on the road

Would you like to support the work of the orchestra?  If so please see our 1685 Campaign to find out what a difference your contribution could make or simply donate now.