26th August 2014

I was part of the EUBO administration team from 2009 to 2011, and this was a great and important experience for me, both on personal and professional level.
As is the case for the musicians, this work gave me the opportunity to get a much needed experience in the musical management sector.
Working with a small but highly dedicated team, I learned a lot. And working with these young and passionate musicians starting their professional careers was a pleasure. While on tour with them, it was obvious how passionate they were, and how much they learned in only a short period of time, working under the direction of some of the best European baroque musicians. Moreover, EUBO is a truly European project where young musicians from all over the continent spend time together, learn from each other, and learn to play together. What better start for a professional career could there be for them?

Helena De Winter
former staff member of EUBO & Executive Secretary of the European Early Music Network (REMA)

18th September 2014

Playing with EUBO was, without exaggeration, the best musical experience of my life. To spend an intensive year performing with one’s contemporaries from all corners of Europe, working under the most talented directors in the business, was a dream come true. EUBO is like no other musical organisation. It offers a one-of-kind musical ‘treasure trove’ year of heartfelt music-making, learning and companionship between nations. Rarely do professional musicians get opportunities like this. To spend a year being inspired in ones work is a rare and precious experience, and one that professional musicians need if they are to continue dedicating their lives to this business. EUBO does this. It inspires, it nurtures, it stirs up passion in players and audiences alike. Europe needs impassioned, inspired musicians if it is to have a flourishing future in classical music. Europe needs EUBO!

Anna Curzon

21st September 2014

The EUBO is a unique program that draws talented young people from right across the continent together to provide guidance, training and ensure long term career progression. In an increasingly divided world the community spirit brought about by transnational learning and development must be supported.

David Gadsby