EUBO Endorsements

19th August 2014

Having played in the orchestra I know that what no teacher can teach you, EUBO can: playing in front of a big audience, reacting to fellow musicians in an orchestra and as a soloist. All those things you need in your life as a professional musician.

Marjolein Lever

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I have had the privilege of performing with EUBO & learned a great deal through travelling & playing with this unique, high-quality, lively & valuable orchestra. There is nothing else like it! The experience they provide is vital for period instrumentalists and also for the development of artistic cohesion & the whole field of early music across the EU.

Karen Gibbard

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My musical training on baroque viola in EUBO 2001-3 was indispensable. I draw on it every time I step onto the concert platform, and the learning through professional experience that I received will last me the whole of my professional career. EUBO is one of Europe’s great musical ensembles, one to be cherished, and one to be celebrated as a perfect example of European cooperation.

Robin Ashwell

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As President/founder of MUSICA ANTICA A MAGNANO, I have had the immense fortune to collaborate with EUBO in past years and have seen the quality of their work, their devotion to the cause of Early Music, and their passion in the formation of young musicians who are already reaching the level of highly professional performers. It is for them a unique occasion to initiate their careers under the guidance of musical “stars” of the highest caliber, and, even more important, to be penetrated by an enthusiasm and moral attitude which will assure their future.

Bernard Brauchli, Magnano, Italy

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