18th August 2014

A warm thank you to all the friends who have sent their words for support! We are most grateful. Your support is heartening and keeps us determined to ensure EUBO will survive!

Noora Heiskanen on behalf of EUBO Administration Team

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I thank EUBO for a wonderful possibility to learn through playing good music with wonderful people under inspiring leaders and a working organisation. I owe European Union Baroque Orchestra for much that I have been able to do, achieve and dream as a professional early music keyboard player after having taken part in EUBO vintage of 2009. I also hope that EUBO will continue to exist to benefit future generations of aspiring baroque musicians.

Matias Häkkinen

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I have performed twice with EUBO: in 1994 as a member of the orchestra after the selection course in Pont-à-Mousson and in 2002 as leader for a tour with Fabio Biondi. Both my experiences with EUBO (ECBO in 1994!) were absolutely fantastic thanks especially to the “hidden” work of Paul and Emma, precise, virtually flawless and full of passion, creating a unique atmosphere for a unique experience that my career has proven to be very important both in my professional and human training.

Lorenzo Colitto

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As an agent specialising in historically informed performance I have heard EUBO many times and also work with many of its alumni. It is a fantastic experience for its students not just musically but as an important cross-border cultural experience.

Jill Davies

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17th August 2014

I led EUBO in 1996 and 1997. Some of the concerts that we did during those tours were better than any of the ‘professional’ concerts I have been involved in. The training that EUBO offers to young musicians is exceptional. But, it is more than that; the possibility for young musicians to meet and play with like minded people from the various European countries is life changing. I teach at the Royal Academy of Music since 1999 and have always recommended to my students that they join EUBO. Specially for musicians from Britain it is very important that they meet musicians from other countries and from different schools of thought. Musical life in our Isles tends to be a tad insular. The best musicians in Britain at the moment are invariably those who trained with EUBO. EUBO must carry on!

Nicolette Moonen