16th August 2014

EUBO offers fantastic opportunities to young musicians and gives the chance to get to know the touring life. But most important, the EUBO orchestra plays on a high artistic level. It would be a great loss, if EUBO would cease to exist because of insufficient funding.

Ana Inés Feola

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EUBO gave me lots of great professional experiences, and it is these kind of experiences that keep the performance of baroque music in Europe at such a high level – better than anywhere in the world!

Robert Smith

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I have had the pleasure of working with EUBO. It is a high quality orchestra providing invaluable opportunities for young & very talented musicians making their way in the music profession. It would be a tragedy if such an orchestra was forced to disband.

Steven Harrold

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Inspiring programmes, spirited performances, exciting recordings: the EUBO stands for excellence. By empowering young musicians across borders it creates both joy and jobs. The EUBO is a powerful example of what Europe does best.

Gijs de Vries

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What can I say, being a member of EUBO was a great unforgettable experience for me. The human aspect was very important and we made very important friendships and relationships along the whole time we were together. We all learned a lot from each other.

Musically, I have never lived something like that, and I very much doubt I will ever experience something similar. Full concerts with amazing audiences looking for that touching and inspiring performance and a devoted Orchestra inspired by the music, the directors and the energy that was very much there. I don’t remember many concerts in my life where I finished crying because of the magic happening on stage, and EUBO gave that to me, for that I am very grateful and as I said before, I will never forget it.

Lorea Aranzasti Pardo

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EUBO is a really important organization training young European musicians to a very high standard in baroque performance. It would be a tragedy and very short-sighted to lose it through lack of funding. Quite apart from the tutoring and direction by eminent instrumental specialists, students of all nationalities learn to get on with each other, to listen to each other and collaborate with the highest intentions. As a former coach with the orchestra I highly endorse EUBO in all aspects.

Celia Harper

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I have been a supporter of EUBO for years and been to many of their concerts. The sheer energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment of the young musicians in performing is wonderful to see and experience.

Alistair Gray

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EUBO was an important stepping stone in my own career, which has led me to play with several leading European period instrument orchestras (most regularly with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment) and to becoming a research fellow on the faculty of Oxford University (working in the field of historical performance). I also have the privilege to work alongside many other former EUBO performers, from both the generation before me, as well as younger performers who have only recently benefitted from the experience of EUBO training. If EUBO were not able to continue with its programme, performers of the future will miss out on an invaluable opportunity to bridge the gap between conservatoire training and professional life and the classical music industry would be considerably poorer for its loss.

Claire Holden