Performances in Rotterdam, Echternach, and Nantes

3rd July 2014

A quote from a blog article ‘Community’ by Andrew Burn, member of EUBO 2013-14. You can read the full article in The Heckeler blog.

“After three memorable performances with EUBO and the Choir of Clare College Cambridge, I’m now heading back to Canada for another concert as well as a bit of downtime. Although it has been over six months since EUBO assembled last, returning to Echternach gave me a feeling of returning ‘home’ in a way. Arriving in town with the knowledge that all of your best buds will be at the hotel bar is something I don’t experience often enough.

The performances in Rotterdam, Echternach, and Nantes hit a new high for the group, in my opinion. The level of awareness throughout each concert, the familiarity of the program, and the investment of the players into each movement made the difference. What an incredible feeling it is to look out at an orchestra and know each and every one of them too!

Moreover we banded together with more conviction than ever. It’s actions like that which make working with this group so fulfilling. It’s that whole-hearted investment in the compact which goes beyond the average professional ensemble.”