From EUBO to the Holland Baroque Society

13th May 2014

At the end of my studies I joined EUBO. Baroque violin was my Alpha and Omega but I did not have much experience in orchestral playing at that time. Playing all those concerts was so valuable to build up this experience, and being on stage and travelling day after day was a priceless gift. Thanks to EUBO I joined Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra with whom I toured for several years and which allowed me to work for the first time in the top rank of baroque orchestras. After that I came back to EUBO as a concertmaster where again I could get more experience in this leadership role. Also it gave me the chance to meet the best new baroque musicians from all over Europe. Shortly after that we started our own group in the Netherlands, the ‘Holland Baroque Society’. This was with several EUBO members such as founding members Tineke Steenbrink and Esther van der Eijk and also orchestra members George Crawford, Joanna Huszcza etc. Indeed we could profit from the fact we met great musicians in EUBO: many joined my group from the beginning and are still there. Now Holland Baroque Society plays about 60 concerts each year, at great concert halls and festivals all over the world. We are going from strength to strength and believe we are fulfilling the role of bringing baroque music to the next generation of listeners.

Judith Steenbrink

Member of EUBO 2002 & concertmaster for tours in 2006, 2007 & 2008

You can also watch an interview with Judith, filmed in 2008.